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Saturday, September 24, 2011

The parenting X-Factor

I don't know what has happened to parenting in the u.s. But I do know at the level some people are going, it fucking sucks! I am ashamed to even give these morons the title of parents since in order to parent a child it proposes that you are actually teaching that child life skills that will help him/her become a productive member of society with manners and respect intact.
So where have we gone wrong? What has happened to the fiber of society that we now have allowed the roles to reverse between parent and child? These days I see interactions between the two the likes of which would have never occurred in the time of my upbringing. My mother would have never allowed half the shit I've seen. I personally believe that until we take parenting by the balls we will never get it right and these kids will continue to fall by the preverbal wayside. Wake up people!! Wtf!

For any more advice on raising your needy, codependent, snotty, aggressive & selfish kids contact your balls and pick them up.

The end...

- BlooWriter

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