Quote Me....

" Life is a journey not a destination"

Sunday, May 9, 2010


I will protect you from me

and all the anger I could be

come with me so I can

I will protect who i am

my heart

full of splinters

from what you have already done to me

when i was not looking

I will protect

who i want to be

the free little girl

dancing in the wind

by the trees where you thought you'd rape my thoughts from me

in a corner i sat recuperating my wounds

cascade of leaves


to become this butterfly with stingers you now see

my colors muted by obscurity

but don't be fooled by me

i am a viper

my fangs are free

bleeding you profusely


i will protect my solidarity

my ability

to be


a damn hard ass process

created by adversity

I will protect my seed

increase my visibility

I observe you coming

I am their breeze

the wings in them i have created

I will see them free

I will protect the he's

and the she

born form me

my destiny to be the alchemist

I will protect my sensitive dreams

your infection will not reach me

my shield is my reality

I will protect my voice

as it reaches, breaks down barriers

swishes in my mouth like water

spills on your soul like flowers

I will protect who i want to be

i am half way there

walk with me

engage in this complexity

of what it is to be me

I will protect my honesty

and serve it to you like rice and beans

everyone needs a hearty meal of me

once in a while

when they believe

they superseded


the advice of where you raised up

your head full of lead

ill conceived achievements

be human

and i will protect you

as if you were me

through me

because you were made

from blood and bone

and to dust you will return

this ain't nothing but a chicken bone on gods plate

he ate the meat

you're going to the dog

didn't you know

I won't protect you from my words

this is my song

the pen is where i belong

but if you want

I will bring you along

be strong

because I will not

protect you from truth

la la la la la la la la I have to keep writing

la la la la la la la free writing time can't stop la la la la la

love being here and doing this la la la la yea I'm getting tired I kinda wanna stop now

and read what I wrote I love sharing who understand what I'm about la la la la la how long will this go on

lets see if I will fill this page too la la la la my foot hurts and i just took extra time to write the S oh man come on now! la la la la la

crazy ain't it? but I'm not giving up.