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Thursday, March 11, 2010

A hint of Peace...

Today is the first day after a week of work that I get to go home at a reasonable time. Don't get me wrong I love my job not everyone gets to have fun with kids for a living and I do so I am blessed in that regard. Still thirteen hours of any job for three days straight is enough to put anyone under the rug. So here I am looking forward to going home by five so I may have perhaps a little time with my own princess who waits for me endlessly everyday, respecting the work I do for she knows it's her bread and butter as well. And perhaps even a little dare I say it!? Me time! A movie? Maybe a lil conversation with an interesting adult for a change?
I must say I love being a nanny for my 9 to 5, when it is nine to five and even when it isn't. Hell I'm working and I get to have a blast doing it! Plus it gives me so much material for my writing it's ludacris. Children say and do the most bugged out things and they love me cause I'm just as buggy. Not everyone can do what I do and I do it with flair!
But just for today a lil rest is in order.

- BlooWriter

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thinking Love...

"How absurd and delicious it is to be in love with someone younger than yourself, everybody should try it."

Barbara Pym

I've been thinking lately alot about relationships. The kind you have with a person you're thinking of really getting involved with. You know, the love kind. I've been wondering lately what it all really means. I have so many friends involved in this heads or tails game that I hardly know what to make of it or if I'd really ever want it. All I hear is how these adventures are going wrong. Who's doing what to mess up what. Anyhow. My thoughts travel endlessly thru the caverns of this maze called love or even intention to love. When you first contemplate it after you have met the person you think you want to give thee chance to you imagine all sorts of possibilities

Is he the one?
Will he be the one with enough brains to know what he has?
Is this the one who will finally value and treat me right?

So many questions and every answer you must take a chance with in order to find out. Every answer you must take the step with that certain someone and see if it even works out.

What makes the chance worth taking? And once you have taken it I guess is a whole different ball of wax. Right? So here we stand, together in this same conundrum for I believe it's the same for our male counterparts.

I have no answers. I only know I love deeply when I do. I know that I give way more than I should at times and have gotten taken advantage of because of it in the past. I know that I am willing to show love and affection dispite some past horrors.

Most of all I know I am stronger now. I have learned. Survived. And I will continue to do so because in a world with so much sorrow


- BlooWriter

Letters to my gurlz...

Everyone knows I love to write. It's what I do. And although I love my Dell my hands must graze pen and paper continuously. There is nothing like constructing a work of art with your very own hands. I do this in various forms, those of which you see here and those you don't. Each week I try to write notes to my girls. My close circle of women who I love dearly. I buy note cards and send them to remind them how happy I am that they're part of me. My list is about to grow with some recent ladies that I have come to treasure. Welcome to my new ladies and may our circle continue to grow!!

- BlooWriter

Who told YOU I'm not Black?!

Who told YOU I’m not Black?!

Who told you I’m not black?
Let me bring you back
A time when the fields of my land
Were plowed with love
The skin of our back kissed by the sun
Not whips or straps

Have you forgotten the melanin in your skin
Runs bone deep
Mirate el negro detras de el oido
That black line you carry 
Runs down from your belly button
Down like an arrow
Signs you have chosen to elude
Brought forth the future colors of the rainbow Moreno

Did you forget your name Manuel?
Oh! I forgot, you’re Manny
A-rod thru your people

Let me mix you like café con leche
Lighten them eyes boo
They cant really see you
But shit! You’re light
So we’ll claim you
Without giving a fuck that you annihilate your roots
With light and lovely
If you can afford  it
Bleach too

Except when its time to call la viejita
That use to cook for you
When you were snot nosed and naked en el sibao
At about two

Forgotten? No, that’s just you
When you started making the paper dude
And traded the tu for llu
The beauty of the land, the people
Who made you look like you do

YES! The stories of kings are true
NO! OUR ANCESTORS DID NOT come from zoo’s
It cant be hidden by your eyes of blue
Nigga it’s because of the love of black dick
That you got those too

When them Spanish peeps came
To the islands 
to cruise and abuse
Impregnating our queens in sets of two
You know how they do
that black ass was only good for interludes
In the dark
When you hit it from the back it aint black, just  phat ha!

You’ve seen it too
We cant change your color
But we can breed it out of you
Blend you and change you
Until there’s nothing you can do
But submit and believe
You’re one of us now

The big lips, kinky hair
And luscious bodies have now been reduced
A memory
Secret beat
You still hear it, sweet
In your bones that music never leaves
Your mother is Africa
It hears you speak

When it ends
Its where we plant our feet
It’s where we started
From where we departed
Blended by nations
Embedded throughout all of creation
No matter your station in life

Despite the strife
Its between these thighs
They came to reside

Before you try 
To cast us aside
Let me bring you back, to when you didn’t know that
Let me ask you one more time


The Completion...

I think I have finished the editing of this blog. I think I like the way it's coming along but i would love some opinions. If you got one... hit me!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Heart Strings

My heart no longer stops
It slows
Beats steady
As strong as the love u gave to me
It's not what kept me alive
It was you
What I wanted to believe in
Was true
I can never imagine living without you
Until you force me too

The love is steady now
Calm as an ocean breeze
Inside me
Volatile when you mix it
With disappearances and good byes
And then I'm there
In fear again
Of never being steady
In love