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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thinking Love...

"How absurd and delicious it is to be in love with someone younger than yourself, everybody should try it."

Barbara Pym

I've been thinking lately alot about relationships. The kind you have with a person you're thinking of really getting involved with. You know, the love kind. I've been wondering lately what it all really means. I have so many friends involved in this heads or tails game that I hardly know what to make of it or if I'd really ever want it. All I hear is how these adventures are going wrong. Who's doing what to mess up what. Anyhow. My thoughts travel endlessly thru the caverns of this maze called love or even intention to love. When you first contemplate it after you have met the person you think you want to give thee chance to you imagine all sorts of possibilities

Is he the one?
Will he be the one with enough brains to know what he has?
Is this the one who will finally value and treat me right?

So many questions and every answer you must take a chance with in order to find out. Every answer you must take the step with that certain someone and see if it even works out.

What makes the chance worth taking? And once you have taken it I guess is a whole different ball of wax. Right? So here we stand, together in this same conundrum for I believe it's the same for our male counterparts.

I have no answers. I only know I love deeply when I do. I know that I give way more than I should at times and have gotten taken advantage of because of it in the past. I know that I am willing to show love and affection dispite some past horrors.

Most of all I know I am stronger now. I have learned. Survived. And I will continue to do so because in a world with so much sorrow


- BlooWriter


  1. Bad experiences in the past are just that...in the past...being able to move forward without being jaded is a definite sign of strength. If we could all subscribe to that way of thinking, many relationships would move along so much easier. Keep loving in the same way you always have because the one that you are meant to be with will not take advantage and I bet you won't even realize you're giving so much of yourself because he'll be doing the same thing. Reciprocity is an awesome thing...

  2. I concur. That is a wonderful thought and i will continue. always will.