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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Who told YOU I'm not Black?!

Who told YOU I’m not Black?!

Who told you I’m not black?
Let me bring you back
A time when the fields of my land
Were plowed with love
The skin of our back kissed by the sun
Not whips or straps

Have you forgotten the melanin in your skin
Runs bone deep
Mirate el negro detras de el oido
That black line you carry 
Runs down from your belly button
Down like an arrow
Signs you have chosen to elude
Brought forth the future colors of the rainbow Moreno

Did you forget your name Manuel?
Oh! I forgot, you’re Manny
A-rod thru your people

Let me mix you like café con leche
Lighten them eyes boo
They cant really see you
But shit! You’re light
So we’ll claim you
Without giving a fuck that you annihilate your roots
With light and lovely
If you can afford  it
Bleach too

Except when its time to call la viejita
That use to cook for you
When you were snot nosed and naked en el sibao
At about two

Forgotten? No, that’s just you
When you started making the paper dude
And traded the tu for llu
The beauty of the land, the people
Who made you look like you do

YES! The stories of kings are true
NO! OUR ANCESTORS DID NOT come from zoo’s
It cant be hidden by your eyes of blue
Nigga it’s because of the love of black dick
That you got those too

When them Spanish peeps came
To the islands 
to cruise and abuse
Impregnating our queens in sets of two
You know how they do
that black ass was only good for interludes
In the dark
When you hit it from the back it aint black, just  phat ha!

You’ve seen it too
We cant change your color
But we can breed it out of you
Blend you and change you
Until there’s nothing you can do
But submit and believe
You’re one of us now

The big lips, kinky hair
And luscious bodies have now been reduced
A memory
Secret beat
You still hear it, sweet
In your bones that music never leaves
Your mother is Africa
It hears you speak

When it ends
Its where we plant our feet
It’s where we started
From where we departed
Blended by nations
Embedded throughout all of creation
No matter your station in life

Despite the strife
Its between these thighs
They came to reside

Before you try 
To cast us aside
Let me bring you back, to when you didn’t know that
Let me ask you one more time


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