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Friday, March 2, 2012

Why'd the Chicken cross The Road

                    Let me begin by stating that I live in New Jersey. I have lived here for about twelve years now although I would never think its been that long, it has. I don't know about what's going on in your neck of the woods I will simple iterate what is going on in mine as far as the subject I'm here to speak on. What is the subject you say? That would be pedestrians, driving, and the law. To tell you the truth I am absolutely sick of driving in jersey. Were it not due to the simple inevitability of getting anywhere without a car I would have stepped out on wheels a long time ago. I would have put on my dusty nikes and hiked to it. I don't know if there is an overwhelming amount of ignoramus out here or what, but damn!! Every other car is making a blunder worthy of being called a Bush-ism. They cut you off, tailgate, run their beamers behind you and best of all pass you on every occasion. Double lines are not exempt. This place has the largest amount of reckless drivers and insensitive assholes. They do the most unlawful things with their cars for which they're never stopped by the so called law. Of course were I the offender my license along with my money would take a long hiatus for New Jersey as well as being the asshole driver capital of the world, is also the most racist place I have had the misfortune to live. The law here only applies when you are the shade of burnt vanilla or darker but I digress. 
         Let us gear toward our beloved pedestrians. The blessed law for lack of a better word, in jersey has made it that they have the right of way all the time. Light or no light which has only caused most of these unfortunate idiots to believe that cars now, have no rights at all. These morons now choose to willingly propel themselves in front of any car, in the middle of
any street. They blatantly jump into the street with what I can only imagine is the strict belief that they have become kin to superman so cars won't hurt. They prance into the street with the athletic ease of the special Olympians, causing me to stop short which then only makes me want to get out of my car to pummel them accordingly. It gets me so angry that all I want to do is rage against the machine that created this idiocy, and so, we come to the law of our fair Middletown, New Jersey. 
                  If you want racist cops, come here. We have racial profilers in droves. A cop here will bypass a speeding white man in order to ticket a jaywalking person of color. Yes, I've seen it happen. In fact it happens to my man all the time. Of course they give you the false kind talk, pretending they believe you to be a regular citizen but trust me, you are of no worth here. They always have a reason and when they don't they posses the luck of the Irish with making one up. If you have any delusions of speaking to a cop here like a white person on cops, think again, if you possess any melanin that is. These are the sad state of affairs in our little town and that's why my man and me will be hitting the road when my child is done with high school and with any luck I will take one of these self righteous, entitled assholes with me. Under my wheels that is. The end. 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Lips have It

                   When it comes to the human physique we are all unique however there is always that one thing for each of us that makes us go : well damn, there's something I'd like to sample. For me, that is a set of soft, warm well endowed lips on a brown skinned man. To me there is nothing better than a black man with a pair of healthy kissable lips. They make promises before they even open and if they cover a beautiful smile it's all over! I can be mesmerized by a good conversation coming from a tantalizing mouth, easily. 

"It makes a great difference in the force of a sentence, whether a man be behind it or no."  Ralph Waldo Emerson

               Why you might ask are lips so important to me? Simple. I am all about the kiss or even just the promise of the kiss  That all consuming heart wrenching kiss that makes your knees weak and your heart race. The kind that makes you long to fight so there can be some passionate make up kisses in the works. Yes! Those are the ones. That is the first feature that captures my eye and my imagination. I revel in the thoughts of, Oh the traveling that those lips may do. The mind is a terrible thing to waste when you have so many scenarios to contemplate. Yet despite the lips a good kisser must accompany those succulent lips for what is the hot dog without the ketchup. One must also be wise with the practice of a beautiful mouth lest it acquire a bad reputation. And so my conclusion is this. If you have a succulent beautiful mouth, god bless you! Pay it forward!! Kisses!!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Life's Ordinary Moments

A life is less ordinary when lived under the knife
All the possibilities become
Should haves that would have been done
Before the blade fell
Inconsistent days blaze a trail through your
Existence half in shadow
Rage against the dying of the light or so
The line goes
As you get bled dry
Darkness still falls 
And rage is of no use when no one is really listening.