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" Life is a journey not a destination"

Thursday, December 1, 2011


He's offered it to me
His savagery
Blazed in the wolf
behind the human mask
Howls of hunger
An offering of skin and bone
Blood on silken sheets of white
Desire is the master of bravery
And it's shadow coats me in dreams
Of ...yes
Traces of your tongue deep as you
Bite down on my offering
Of water for your thirst
A carnivore
The first man
awaken me
In a piercing moment
I am fed

- BlooWriter

Saturday, October 8, 2011

BBM: A Dick...At your Own Risk!!


            I must say I have been a Blackberry owner for many years and I love every phone I have had be it Blackberry or IPhone. This is not a BB vs. IPhone debate, for me they all have their own attributes. That beig said...

Let us have a chat about one of the best features ever created on Blackberry....

BBM!! The incomperable messenger loved by millions and I am one of those millions. 

I believe it's a wonderful way to make friends and keep in touch with your people. Now!... Sadly not many use it for it's intent. I am no prude by any chance and I love making friends but sadly I have come to realize, very few have any knowledge on BBM what friendship is supposed to be about or how a friendship begins. So many of the people on BBM are a bunch of sexually deprived perverts it makes me want to gag. There is hardly a conversation before the clown on the other end is sending you a pic of his deflated dick. Or confronting you with the dreaded ASL.

So here is my answer to that:

1. You can certainly tell I'm not a kid by my picture.
2. you can tell I'm female by my picture, unless you're blind.
3. I don't know yo ass so I'm not telling you where I live.

Does that clear it up any?

I am clearly exhausted of the sad ass low ballin men trying to get at my panties before they even look at my face, not respecting my relationship status and especially not respecting the fact that I already told you in my tagline not to come at me sideways.


Do any of you really think that I am looking for a decrepid,sad ass, direspectful, dick whipping fool to spend my life with? Really?? Come on now.
My advice to all of you is this, If you have any inkling of any idea on how to treat a woman THAT'S NOT IT. Not a respectable one anyhow.

Get a grip and preferably not on your dick. Learn to speak to a womans mind and leave the dick for when she calls for it. Grow up, you are not 13 and I'm certain your hormones can be controlled. If they can't, know that I am not the one.

The warning has been issued!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The parenting X-Factor

I don't know what has happened to parenting in the u.s. But I do know at the level some people are going, it fucking sucks! I am ashamed to even give these morons the title of parents since in order to parent a child it proposes that you are actually teaching that child life skills that will help him/her become a productive member of society with manners and respect intact.
So where have we gone wrong? What has happened to the fiber of society that we now have allowed the roles to reverse between parent and child? These days I see interactions between the two the likes of which would have never occurred in the time of my upbringing. My mother would have never allowed half the shit I've seen. I personally believe that until we take parenting by the balls we will never get it right and these kids will continue to fall by the preverbal wayside. Wake up people!! Wtf!

For any more advice on raising your needy, codependent, snotty, aggressive & selfish kids contact your balls and pick them up.

The end...

- BlooWriter

Monday, September 5, 2011


It's a question of balance. I feel balanced when worries are lessened even when I don't know what I'm worried over.
As I sit here in the park I want to come up with a poignant subject to pour my intellect over but nothing comes to me. Children run around me and I feel a sense of awe and distaste at the same time. I remember being a child but the real feelings of freedom that came with that youth elude me. Now there's rent to pay. A blue eyed boy crosses my path running as fast as the wind will take him on his short little legs and I can't help but laugh at the concentrated urgency on his face to get no where. It is a bright day. The wind cool on the skin, in the shade anyway, and in their play you can freely see there are no worries except maybe what jammies mommie will let them wear for bed tonight. What a life, and I had it once. Thirty six years of memories have eluded the experience I guess. So how to maintain the balance is the question. How to retain that youth beyond the years where people believe you should have out grown it. How to retain that sense of running in the park for the sheer joy of feeling the wind on your face. Sometimes the answer wells up in me, easily. It just says run! Don't worry about who's looking your way. Don't worry over those who have forgotten just be happy you have remembered. I think that's the best advice yet. Now, who of us will take it. Have you? Will I ?

To be continued.....

- BlooWriter

Friday, September 2, 2011

A word on Jealousy

At times I find that my mind twirls endlessly as if it's not my own. So many things make me tick and I am at times confused at my reactions to things. I am a jealous person, not to be confused with envious, that I am not. I don't covet anyone's anything that I know of. Not money, love or possessions for I'm of the thought that everyone should have equal parts of all of it. Still I'm jealous of issues involving love and as I am one to analyze everything, this is no different. In truth I find it hard for me to consider this. I find this issue to be for insecure people and I find myself quite confident on most occasions and situations so this is hard. It all boils down to this, when it comes to relationships with a man my feet are seldom well planted. I work hard at my relationships yet it seems I'm always waiting for the left shoe to drop. Always waiting for him to do me wrong, or always waiting for the "aha!" I caught you with the hoe moment. I know all the reasons why. I was cheated on, lied to, played with etc. We all often know the drama behind the illusion. What I ask of myself here is how do you fix it? How do you let go of past pain and cross the threshold to new belief? How do you believe in a person who has never done you wrong and do you take that faith-filled chance with both eyes open when you dive in. How do you kill the sceptic always invading your inner orb with poisonous influence, always with that small sliver of past heart puncture wounds reminding you that you have failed at this before. How do you give yourself over to another expecting the respect no one has ever shown you before? The truth is I don't know. I sway and I quake at any given moment. I become paralytic with fear at other moments and sometimes I become the fuck it all cynic. Yet again sometimes great possibility takes over and the world is sunshine and rainbows. So I guess my answer is simple. One day at a time, with a grain of salt and of course, a little faith but keep moving. Trust your gut, do your best and most of all on your way to a new love, leave your baggage at the door on your way in.

- BlooWriter

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I write
Across the page I slither
A broken arrow
Poking holes a deep desperation
To be heard
In the silence

I read
Every experience becomes
My own
You live through me
I survive in your tortured sentence
Your pain plagued words

I dream
Erratic emotions like
Wave torn oceans
Monsoons In the dark
For the peace of the dawn

I am
On the way
To living.

- BlooWriter

Joys of journaling

Every day I journal. Some call it mixed media. I call it me, my view of my world at any given day.

- BlooWriter

Friday, June 17, 2011


I am a landscape
an escapade for your inevitable talents
You take my valleys and convert them into
Mountain ranges with your
Exquisite way of molding those lips, fingers
Bliss around me
Whispers and incantations
Memory making masterbation
Your thoughts in my head, heat
In our bed
Heaven expressed
Unmasked in fevered sighs
of pleasure
Our evolution of love

- BlooWriter

Thursday, June 16, 2011

There it Is

There it is
Where she put it last beside your heart
And you must believe
That she cares
for every other thought would be heresy
And you're a faithful man when you're not
Thinking of the woman you really want
To be with on those lonely nights when
Just ok won't satisfy
The longing for her pulls you
Fish on a hook
Her bait is so good
Satiated and never quite full
Of the mornings you'll never wake without her
Your mind
In hindsight you should have said yes
When she asked for forever

- BlooWriter

Friday, April 8, 2011

You 7/30

Velvet thunder

Your presence

Clutching at my heart

As feelings course through me

numerous as pomegranate seeds

Los Rodriguez

Have never been able to deflect the ingratiating hand

Of the right man

As I can never say no to you

You overwhelm me

Como me amas

Carajo! Con tanto fuego

As if it were hate trapped in a criminal mind

King me!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Solid 6/30

Standing there
the glare on his face
Drawn out and broken from silken marble
An angel without wings
The battle is forced upon him

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Absolution 5/30

I will be absolved
Of all of my fantastic sins
Those you only fear when you grow old
God has decided he is to forgive me
And who are you to judge
With your broken promises
Stepping on so many cracks your mother never did take a step

Before the altar of saints with jagged scars I have made penance
Figs, flowers and fruits have I brought
Yes, I too have paid in blood
For the act of forgiveness is not cheap
and reaping your sown sins can shatter the already cracked soul

Jesus is not the last with a cross to bear

- BlooWriter

Faith 4/30

I'm no lyricist
Didn't come here to write no songs
I am however
A Professional lie detector
Wise to those who defect from the truth
I raise the faith
Make the peace
keep it between me and you
For lies here, won't do.

- BlooWriter

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Variations of Me.... 3/30

I am a wave

The moody blues in soft hues

Cresting on the

Sure you know what I mean

The earth is me

Beneath your feet I lie

The sands of time

Yellow green and bitter

A cloud I now become

Lighten the sky

Blowing thru you

With my airy cotton mouth words

For fire’s sake

To burn me

With memories of when I started



In the sky

And ashes…

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Gone... 2/30

She will go like thunder

Not into the night either

But into the light

Becoming brighter as her skin looses it’s luster

Her breath it’s gusto

The eyes it’s shine

On the walls will be cast

The reflections of her identity

Beams of her simplicity

You never really did take her word for it

What you saw is what you got


In silver wrappings

But you never dug… her

Assumption has always been the mother of failure

Friday, April 1, 2011

Bounce! ( NaPoWriMo 30 poems in 30 day challenge! )

One of these things just
Doesn't belong here
Tell me can you guess which one?
Remember the song
Bounce the words around my page
Educate me with syllable and noun
And I'll bounce them back
With my lips on the mic
The stage at my feet
Chords vibrating

- BlooWriter

Monday, March 7, 2011

He gave Me God

Once I lay
Void of hope and grace
He came
With bouquets of promises
Sewn from all my misfortunes
Sets of perfect smiles for every occasion
He brought
Ideas I wanted to make into
Perfect realities
And he gave me God

Watered all my imperfections
Creating beautiful broken flowers
Which don't quite grow for the perfect eye
But for the stable one
Who really sees

He gave me God
Not in a book
Or stone idols
But in his action
Without fear
When all I saw was shadows

And in the waters of my discontent
He bathed with me
And it was just us
The God in him
And me

- BlooWriter

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why things don't change...

Our refusal to let things grow and develop keep us stunted where we are. What people don't understand is the very thing you are trying to prevent is the one that chases you relentlessly looking to transform you and the circumstance you are afraid of. How about we let things be, mature and adjust around us. The gifts you do not see can be astounding once you let them unfold. I believe while you worry and stress you prevent yourself from seeing the small steps your gaining toward your own benefit. I myself have been the victim of this self imposed stunted underdevelopment. Many times I have simply wanted what I wanted without regard to what was best for all, however once I allowed myself to think different I opened the door to a new way of seeing. I have become more aware of what and who is around me and what, if anything, it deserves from me. My life had to take many turns in order for me to become much more aware about life and now that I am I will stay the course. Things are not always what they seem. After all the darkest stones under the greatest pressure become the most precious of stones, if you know how to wait that is.

- BlooWriter

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Process of getting Clean

For those who don't know over a half a year my life has taken major turns and it is about to do so again...

I'M MOVING! to a new home... taking steps toward a new life

After being diagnosed with kidney disease, fearing my life had nowhere else to go, and having to be on dialysis I am happy to report that I am not allowing it to beat me down! I am getting my treatments and on the way to recovery.

THE PROCESS of getting clean has come from all the aspects of my life that were cluttered by all that I believed I had to do to be happy. I have discovered the process of simplification. From personal to home, love, life etc., I have cleaned house.

Being ill gives you astounding perception . It shapes your mind and helps you mold your existence with devine purpose. That which seemed to previously consume your life no longer does.

THAT which you believed you had forever to accomplish now takes presidence.
AND SO... Things have been decluttered, life has become simpler and I am adjusting quite well.


Monday, January 3, 2011

What Dreams may Come

I spoke to a dreamer today
About all he wants to make reality
He constructs his castles of blue and gold
And places his queen in the middle of the room
Bought her a crown of diamonds
And parted the sky to pull down the sun
That she may light the day with her smile
Magic in the moonlight
Where only their shadows lie
He hides the tears she cries
In the laughter of his eyes
That joy may remain
When he has to say goodbye
For a moment in time

- BlooWriter