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Monday, September 5, 2011


It's a question of balance. I feel balanced when worries are lessened even when I don't know what I'm worried over.
As I sit here in the park I want to come up with a poignant subject to pour my intellect over but nothing comes to me. Children run around me and I feel a sense of awe and distaste at the same time. I remember being a child but the real feelings of freedom that came with that youth elude me. Now there's rent to pay. A blue eyed boy crosses my path running as fast as the wind will take him on his short little legs and I can't help but laugh at the concentrated urgency on his face to get no where. It is a bright day. The wind cool on the skin, in the shade anyway, and in their play you can freely see there are no worries except maybe what jammies mommie will let them wear for bed tonight. What a life, and I had it once. Thirty six years of memories have eluded the experience I guess. So how to maintain the balance is the question. How to retain that youth beyond the years where people believe you should have out grown it. How to retain that sense of running in the park for the sheer joy of feeling the wind on your face. Sometimes the answer wells up in me, easily. It just says run! Don't worry about who's looking your way. Don't worry over those who have forgotten just be happy you have remembered. I think that's the best advice yet. Now, who of us will take it. Have you? Will I ?

To be continued.....

- BlooWriter

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