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Friday, March 16, 2012

Thought Matters...

Every day I find I have the same challenge. What should my blog be about today? It seems when I want to write most, topics elude me. Most of my work you see is poetry. I think like a poet, no matter what there is to say it comes out in the form of stanzas. Blogging is a new thing for me although writing is not. I have had so many poetry blogs throughout the years that I'm sure there's a minuscule file out there in cyberspace with my name somewhere.
Let's see I've had MySpace, writers something or other, of course Facebook and I currently own a blogspot and a Wordpress account. Yes I am officially all over the place. However it is my intent to correct all of my numerous wanderings by consolidating all of my work in one word home. My very own site. Still the change is wearing on me. I have many questions. Will people visit my new site even though they're use to going into blogger to find me? You know how people hate to be indisposed. Most people, even when they can find you, rarely go looking for you. The truth is writers are very selfish creatures. They don't mind one bit having you read and gloat over their work yet, when it comes to reading another writers? Well, thats a whole other story. And so the questions persist. Will there be new traffic to my site and how do I get it? How do I get people interested in what I have to say? As people we are very fickle and set in our ways and there are so many blogs out there. Should I go from a free site to a paid one? Those are just a few of the questions plaguing me about this change.
There is no commitment made as of yet, I've not signed on the dotted line. I am currently working with the 14 day free trial to see if it strikes my fancy enough to shut everything else down and pay for a new site. Before now a few years back actually I would have simply paid and see if it worked out. Today I am a more patient person. I will do the trial, really take time to work on the site and in the last three days remaining, I will put it out there and test it out. It is all perspective after all.


  1. Glad to know I'm not the only blogger who feels the futility of posting in such a fickle, short attention spanned world wide web. I include myself in this pool, astonished how I don't have so much traffic my site is in danger of crashing yet admittedly I rarely read other people's blogs. Just the notion of yet ANOTHER blog making my eyes roll. But reading this posting, and your tweets makes me glad to take out the time to consume great work and inspired to continue mine.

  2. I am so glad. Let it begin with us.