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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Black: Devoid of Color

This weekend I went to an event that impacted my view on race relations and brainwashing and this time low and behold I wasn't taught this lesson by a white person as it has been in most of my race related lessons, but by a whole auditorium of African american parents and their children. This on its own made me quite sad. The children I am certain knew no better for we are our children's teachers so this falls completely on the parents shoulders. I wonder though if it truly lies completely on their shoulders however. What I saw at this event honestly made me a believer in the systematic brainwashing done to Africans when they arrived in this country. The removal of their families, their identities, their belief systems all washed away and supplanted by false white gods, false white words and names and most of all white beliefs. The strongest belief itself being that "white" is better.
As I sat at this event I was taken aback at the many examples that every adult there honestly believed that white is better. Its not that the people there acted white because good manners and the display of education is not a white thing it is a human thing. Everyone has a duty to be educated and represent themselves in the very best light as a human being so lets get that out of the way. The issue for me personally was that there was not one ethnic representation anywhere to be seen. There was no ethnic dances, not one ethnic recitation, not even an ethnic outfit to be seen among the performers to represent the slightest pride in being African and this was an African American event. It left me in awe how every expression was a copy of Caucasian lifestyle and mannerisms. Every dance was performed to Caucasian music, the fashion Caucasian as well, yet that can all be passed over because as I stated before this has been taught as "good" systematically for centuries. What I could not pass over was the MC's speech before the debutants and their suitors were to display their all white outfits.

She says: "You will all soon see your children in the perfect interpretation of white. The sign of purity, cleanliness and perfection. The way of light and all that is right, clean and blameless. The only color devoid of color and so it is perfect."

My mouth hit the floor with her lame definition of white. How do you doubt anyone could help but see black as being darkness, un-pure and sinful if you yourself are describing white as being the best thing known to you as an African American? Do you honestly believe that your children will see themselves as the light of God themselves when you make sure to cloak them in your dark words? I was shaken that no one saw or even understood an affront when they heard it. I wanted with all my heart to stand and ask if that was a joke. Especially since black is the only color devoid of color. White is the inclusion of all colors. Not one person rose to confront anything this woman said and it dawned on me with a remarkable sense of disgust and sadness, why would they? every person there believed her explicit definition of white. How as a people can you overcome such an absolute. Such an inbred belief that you are no better than darkness. I will tell you this, if I did not believe in the brainwashing of the African people in this country by the white man, I am irrefutably convinced now. In that moment I was disturbed to my core, shocked and shaken. Some people may believe reading this that I am making a lot out of a whole lot of nothing but the truth is that if this is where we are now, we have not come far at all from the field. The mentality is still in the plantation and we better get it together and start teaching African children black pride. For as long as we keep allowing our children the belief in that warped definition of white, the shackles will remain with us, they're just painted a different color and that is clear.

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