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Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's ALL about the SHOES!!

For as long as I can remember It has been about the shoes. Shoes and bags. Well for as long as I can remember as an adult with the ability to buy her own shoes. As a child growing up in Washington heights with a single working mother shoes were not the shit. Furniture,that was mami's thing. To this day I don't know how a single mother of three had the ability or money to switch furniture as often as my mom did. We would go to school and come home to see brand new furniture in the house. Thank goodness none of us were blind cause shit!! Hellen Keller would have been screwed! We would have had more bruises than the ones she put on us herself. Anyhow back to shoes. Mom dressed well of course but brands weren't her thing so that wasn't a lesson I learned until made my own money and was single myself. Until then my greatest love ( still is) had been books, my books however had always been free. I had been a library lover all my youth. Still am except now I buy my own libros and treasure them as I do my children, afterall every writer should. My shoe affair began a few years ago with a pair of sling backs from Macys at a whopping 100.00 which for me was a million dollars but yes I got them on sale and that was the hook! I never thought I could get such good shoes at such good prices. Now about 80 pair of shoes later I am a regular shoe diva. These are the latest which I got in two colors. And bags? Let's not even go there now. Suffice it to say 50+ would cover it. I recently got my first coach bag and I'm scurred! Eeek! Not that as long as I can afford it it would ever change hee hee....


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ghetto Factor...


Is there a place fir the ghetto in me when I get angry?

Do I always use it.


But is there a place and a people for it
There are people who respond to nothing but ghetto
There are those who can't communicate any other way. I have my ghetto moments and it's usually with those who are much more "ghetto" than I.

I have an undetermined amount of anger in me. The rictor scale is still building numbers to get where I am and although I taper it there are moments when it takes all of me and converts me into a being that I choose not to control.
Of course depending on place and situation.

White people have been conditioned to deal with anger calmly but that calm is hidden rage which can easily develop into alcoholism, drug abuse or keeping your neighbor in the basement for twenty years.
The ghetto factor is something expressed imediately and released in rage then moved on. You blow up, curse it out, bring the smack down and let go.

Should we perhaps deal with it differently for the sake of developing into better people? Yes, maybe.
But at least for me there will always be that stupid, low down dirty motherfuckin trick that will make me loose it. Point blank.

Yes. I am quite articulate when I choose to be but within me the ghetto factor will always be. Not because I need it to be but because I want it that way

- BlooWriter

Sunday, March 21, 2010


What greater prize
Can I ask for between these thighs 
Than my pretty pretty flower 
Makes you hard
Beg, steal 
Rub my feet for hours 
You think a fine ass man is a pussy magnet 
Is that what pulls the cooch 
Well pussy hair pulls tug boats baby 
Ain’t that the fuckin truth 
We all know Peter piper would have been better off 
Pickin pussies than peppers 
After-all Mary was quite content
Having a little clam 
Just like my man 
White cotton panties
that’s what he likes 
What bug out his eyes
Along with the cream that comes down my thighs 
when they shift along my ass 
Half on my round cheeks 
Half between the crack 
Its all about that hairy cherry Freddy 
And all the shit it makes you do 
I tell you if that chocha spoke 
You'd be listening like an apostle 
And preaching for it too 
You'd lie for it
die for it 
Pay out the ass if its new
And you haven’t tried it 
It’s the type of trap
That can carry the clap 
When you’d rather it clap around you 
The kind of shit that can make a nigga spit 
Even sing a lyric or two 
That little up and downs song only he can sing 
Red bull got nothin on these wings 
Exercise it ladies 
Keigle keeps it tight 
Hell if we work that shit right 
You'll be cummin every night.