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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ghetto Factor...


Is there a place fir the ghetto in me when I get angry?

Do I always use it.


But is there a place and a people for it
There are people who respond to nothing but ghetto
There are those who can't communicate any other way. I have my ghetto moments and it's usually with those who are much more "ghetto" than I.

I have an undetermined amount of anger in me. The rictor scale is still building numbers to get where I am and although I taper it there are moments when it takes all of me and converts me into a being that I choose not to control.
Of course depending on place and situation.

White people have been conditioned to deal with anger calmly but that calm is hidden rage which can easily develop into alcoholism, drug abuse or keeping your neighbor in the basement for twenty years.
The ghetto factor is something expressed imediately and released in rage then moved on. You blow up, curse it out, bring the smack down and let go.

Should we perhaps deal with it differently for the sake of developing into better people? Yes, maybe.
But at least for me there will always be that stupid, low down dirty motherfuckin trick that will make me loose it. Point blank.

Yes. I am quite articulate when I choose to be but within me the ghetto factor will always be. Not because I need it to be but because I want it that way

- BlooWriter


  1. It's so important to be versatile, Bloo! People like you and I have that luxury, where we can adapt to multiple situations. It's like having several wardrobe changes! And when you gotta throw on the gold hoops, you just gotta do it! LOL