Quote Me....

" Life is a journey not a destination"

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Today was made to explore the regions of my psyche

That I have not explored before

My senses

In various ways will awaken

That it may transfer to my work in one way or the other



Without thought

Let the waters of my mind melt the obstacles like summer rain

No process

My process

Excess of words

Create beauty and horror simultaneously

Bring it to the page, flowers to a dieing grave

Sleep with my rage

Give the world a taste of me

I bring peace to the old

Turmoil to the young

Open fully without regard

To leave a piece of me behind

I poeticize

Criticize the ways

of stress and strife

It’s what I do…

And We Love.....Just like that.....

I love him
yes... I always did and I
will continue to do so
dispite the distance
at times
when he can't be
near me
I seep into my dreams of
in my shell
I keep
daily I breathe his name
simply one word at a time I explore his mind
and I am blind
to all else when I see me through his eyes...

loves me I know
when his shaddow passes
over my bed
my spirit in sleep I feel
him come
levitate my soul
and I rest in his heart
bent to fit perfectly in
his every crevice
designed for his imperfections.....


Complications of life are what I'm made of
I make the air I breathe into carbon
poisoned and the water I drink seeps from
one end to the other of me
not without it's difficult travel
through mountains of sharp small
painful turns
curves trapped in un-seeming forms
a war within my cells
and the pretty smile of the shell above
crack the spine
truth lies beneath
the glass heart
and broken wings
flying a million miles
to redemption....