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" Life is a journey not a destination"

Saturday, March 20, 2010

March Madness!!

Ok let's get it straight people. I understand it's warm out and we all have

CABIN FEVER... But put some fuckin clothes on!!
There is no reason to be out actin a fool with no shirt on or your ass hangin out just because the powers that be saw fit to give us a little sun.

If you are almost naked now WTF are you going to do when the heat really sets in?! And then you wonder when comments come your way.

If you do not want to be approached and spoken to as a street walker, do not portray one. Don't give me that he should see me for my mind and they shouldn't assume shit. You and I both know he's not looking at your assumption when he first sees you, he's looking at your ass and breasts which are out for display.

NO! I am not saying he has a right to touch and yes you have a right to dress as you please but PLEASE do not insult my intelligence with your he doesn't respect me complaints. DELETE!

If you do not show, there is no show.

As for the fellas who can't wait to get their pecks out for the ladies in heat...
SAVE IT for the beach when the weather is consistent. As of now it will not be warm tomorrow. It will be March day as it is today so get a fuckin grip and get dressed while you're all at it.

Tis all

I'm here Monday thru Friday and twice on Sundays!
Try the veal

- BlooWriter

Friday, March 19, 2010

Rap it up!

Why is it that most rap seems to sound the same these days?
I long for the days of Tupac when words made sence.

Rapper? He was more than this. Much more. That is one of his lesser names. To me that name overshaddows who he was.

Poet! Now that's more like it because that's what he was and still is. That's why his work lives on. Icons come in all forms. It's based on the impression they make upon those who choose to listen. Nowadays we get to fuck all the girls in the world and call it music.


- BlooWriter

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Today was made to explore the regions of my psyche
That I have not explored before
My senses
In various ways will awaken
That it may transfer to my work in one way or the other
Without thought
Let the waters of my mind melt the obstacles like summer rain
No process
Create beauty and horror simultaneously
Bring it to the page, flowers to a dieing grave
Sleep with my rage
Give the world a taste of me
I bring peace to the old
Turmoil to the young
Open fully without regard
To leave a piece of me behind
I poeticize
It’s what I do…

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


The writer in me
To explain her feelings
To be the divulger of secrets
And dreams to be had

I have become the story teller
With many words
A word weaver of letters
Designing meaning
And sometimes failing
Eager to express my mantra

The poet can write quickly
Her feelings lay raw
Disposed of words
Thrown openly
Deciphered wrong
By the few who have been
Allowed to read them

Let’s try this again…