Quote Me....

" Life is a journey not a destination"

Friday, April 8, 2011

You 7/30

Velvet thunder

Your presence

Clutching at my heart

As feelings course through me

numerous as pomegranate seeds

Los Rodriguez

Have never been able to deflect the ingratiating hand

Of the right man

As I can never say no to you

You overwhelm me

Como me amas

Carajo! Con tanto fuego

As if it were hate trapped in a criminal mind

King me!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Solid 6/30

Standing there
the glare on his face
Drawn out and broken from silken marble
An angel without wings
The battle is forced upon him

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Absolution 5/30

I will be absolved
Of all of my fantastic sins
Those you only fear when you grow old
God has decided he is to forgive me
And who are you to judge
With your broken promises
Stepping on so many cracks your mother never did take a step

Before the altar of saints with jagged scars I have made penance
Figs, flowers and fruits have I brought
Yes, I too have paid in blood
For the act of forgiveness is not cheap
and reaping your sown sins can shatter the already cracked soul

Jesus is not the last with a cross to bear

- BlooWriter

Faith 4/30

I'm no lyricist
Didn't come here to write no songs
I am however
A Professional lie detector
Wise to those who defect from the truth
I raise the faith
Make the peace
keep it between me and you
For lies here, won't do.

- BlooWriter

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Variations of Me.... 3/30

I am a wave

The moody blues in soft hues

Cresting on the

Sure you know what I mean

The earth is me

Beneath your feet I lie

The sands of time

Yellow green and bitter

A cloud I now become

Lighten the sky

Blowing thru you

With my airy cotton mouth words

For fire’s sake

To burn me

With memories of when I started



In the sky

And ashes…