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" Life is a journey not a destination"

Thursday, April 15, 2010


He wants me
With all his insecurity about where it will lie
He still aches when he sees me
The dire flame I thought had died
Still resides within those eyes

I keep him suspended between love
And lust
There's touch
Never akin to skin on skin
The mind is a powerful thing
I intend to ascend thru the very veins
Of my lover
Spin him with the silken web between my legs

Who proffeses to be on control
That was until I swallowed you whole
And the gutteral moans became yours
In my ears you groaned
Damn mami...
For your mind couldn't concieve
what I could achieve
when I decided to take roads traveled but never mapped and branded
within the mind of the
who desires but to watch
you shake
and quake
at the very thought of the passage she will take

But you know
How to flip it
And contain me
A bee in your jar of honey
Praise me with your tongue
As I gush eternally
In utter bliss
Down your throat I disolve
I become yours
You become mine
My scent from your lips
Pours like wine
One taste from two
Perfume designed by the godess of truth
We were meant to blend like this
Me and you

- BlooWriter