Quote Me....

" Life is a journey not a destination"

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I want someone to know me
but not in the sense everyone thinks they do

who gives a fuck what my favorite color is

what I like to do on sunny days

where I like to spend it

or with who

what size pants I wear

do I like t-shirts or dresses

as if these were grave confessions

I want someone who knows my blood

the way it runs

in which direction my guts lay

where my bones bend

from the inside out and vice versa

someone who can see thru my pretence and the veil of my existence

the persistence to make them see something that is not there

hell, even the reasons for the crabbiness during my period

I want someone who can spell my name backwards and forwards

and actually love the sound of it on the days when I’m a real asshole to them and the world

I want someone who is unafraid to travel to the pits of my psyche

and help me grow flowers on the dead soil of my mind

I want someone who can scream at me in lyrics when I’m wrong

so I can turn it into a country song

later on

I want someone who will bathe my feet as if Jesus were watching in approval from the next room

remembering how loving it felt when he had it done to him

I want someone who will be quiet thru my noise

who’s noise can blend with mine and when necessary overcome it

I want someone who knows the cracks in my soul

and becomes the mortar to make them less so

someone who knows the sway of my crooked spine from bearing the seed that may not be his

kissing it anyways with reverence

who travels the dark circles of my sleepless eyes and sees pools of beauty and bliss

someone who caresses my imperfections as if the word had been made for the most beautiful parts of a woman’s body

I want someone who will carve the happiness out of me

as Michelangelo did his David

I want someone to know me

like God knows his son and the book he inspired

the one who will know tears are coming

and will shower me with his own so I don’t realize I’m shedding mine

I want someone who will carry me thru the puddles of life

so that I may lay my coat down

that his feet may not know the cold rain

who lays the palms of his hands not on my shoulders

but my lower back

that he may push me forward when I am most resistant

I want someone who will ingest my salty jokes as if they were made of candy

repeating them to others as a stenograph in a trial

someone who will dance with me when the music is over and creates sounds to keep us bound

someone who believes in me as if I were he and had no choice but to see us as one entity

the one who will say I love you with his hands because to say the words always seem scattered and small without his touch to compliment it

that is what I want for me

I will be the same

for the beloved someone who really sees me


The tongue is the punishment of the body
It always seems to get the mind unraveled
Reverberating and spewing like an overflowing toilet
All the shit is left for you to dry up after
It becomes the bane of your existence
The words you utter fill you like a bad meal
Follow you as a man you refused to go out with
A speech impediment of the psyche
You stutter stutter just like the song says
Some times the tongue aims true thru the false prophets
Shatters misconceptions and life challenges
Irritates like a rash, a bad habbit
The tongue
Never lonely
It's carcophony of words produced by the eager mind roll around it
An astounding deck of cards thrown by the talented player
The poker game
If you are willing
Has started.

- BlooWriter

Sunday, March 28, 2010

To be a woman...

Do you see me?

Standing here, look clearly

I am what it is to be a woman

Thanks to her

I am not your definition

I am not what he made me

Just thinking of what it is to be a woman makes me think

Of all the women in my life,

Those I admire who have come so far in this life

Despite circumstances and much strife

There are no lyrics here

No poems or quips, soliloquies

There is only strength in the name of what would make any man weak

She first arrived in 78 a mother, alone to change her life

Left those she loved behind to bring them at another time

Across oceans she floated

Thru the sky she flew with fear in her gut

But you would never know it though her mission was rough

Illegal woman, no papers just pretence

Face of iron, will of steel

The woman I admire most lives in here

She is my mother

Alone she arrived leaving her children far behind

To build a life no man would provide

Born of goddess blood

Dominican to the bone

If bitch had been a name she

Would have made it her own

From state to state and factory to factory she roamed

Pushing suits by the hour

To acquire enough money to bring us home

That’s a fucking woman

Not the bullshit you see now,

Afraid to do real work

Don’t want to mess up that hair or have sweat on your brow

You want a renaissance woman

Ill introduce you to my mother

No man can measure, undermine or over power

Still beautiful, more elegant than any flower

Fierce as a tigress

Created her own progress

No one gave her the bacon, she brought it home

And made sure she supplied it

For the ones she bred and in her tired state

Made sure we never went to bed without it

Fear need not apply here

Don’t pity her; she’s liable to laugh at you

Conditioned by lack of fathers

She can drink you under the table, make dinner

And yes beat the hell out of a motherfucker

To us she was more than mother

She was father

Gave us love, discipline

Protected us thru failure like no other

Not a sperm donor

She’s a provider

A miracle maker

The life supplier

Bringing up a doctor, a roughneck

And this writer

You want to ask me

The definition of woman

I’m just an apprentice

I can give you her number

You can call her.