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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


The tongue is the punishment of the body
It always seems to get the mind unraveled
Reverberating and spewing like an overflowing toilet
All the shit is left for you to dry up after
It becomes the bane of your existence
The words you utter fill you like a bad meal
Follow you as a man you refused to go out with
A speech impediment of the psyche
You stutter stutter just like the song says
Some times the tongue aims true thru the false prophets
Shatters misconceptions and life challenges
Irritates like a rash, a bad habbit
The tongue
Never lonely
It's carcophony of words produced by the eager mind roll around it
An astounding deck of cards thrown by the talented player
The poker game
If you are willing
Has started.

- BlooWriter

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