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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Where I wanna Go

One day, a long time ago I fell in love with Michelangelo. I don't remember where I was or what I was doing, come to think on it I believe I was at a bookstore somewhere in New York. My bookstore trips were frequent when I lived in the city. In my pre iPad days I went places and did things. Now technology's advances keep us grounded at home as we become the lazy of the millennia. Still, I digress. My frequent places were Barnes & Noble and the Met where my fascination with literature and art began, besides the library of course, but those were my younger days. When I first saw the David and Pieta I was in love. I knew he was Italian. I knew that his work was powerful. I knew I had to find out all there was about his history, where he came from and of course what inspired his remarkable work. I devoured his artistic history which began at the tender age of 14. Thus began my love affair with Florence and its greatest artist, in my most humble opinion of course. I'm sure every country has its treasures but no country holds all the treasures of Florence. No where can I imagine as I do there, the amazing feast for the senses that I would be in for. The art alone would take days to appreciate properly let alone the architecture. The Trevi fountain and the Spanish steps would bring hours of discovery. I long to sit at the foot the fountain and have a cold gelato. To cruise the churches, the museums, the ruins and sample the food, but most of all the amazing history. What more can one ask for than to wake in a land where so many brilliant artists once walked the streets such as Donatello, Ghirlandaio, DaVinci and of course the master Michelangelo himself, although he never saw himself that way. Perfectionists rarely do. Still his work has given me a heart felt desire to travel to Italy and see his creations in person. Who could help, after seeing his work on paper but wish, for an instant to stand before David or Moses? face to face with a masterpiece! That would be a dream come true for me. A life long desire. And one day I will. That I promise myself. Italy will know my face and I will know Michelangelo.

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