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Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'll Take that Challenge!!

I have a plan. To loose about ten pounds and get fit. To eat well and exercise regularly and reframe my eating habits and not only for the good that in itself brings but for a much more important reason. I want to lower my dialysis days from three to two days a week, and I will. Today I took my first step on the right track. I began with a good workout this morning, researched the foods I should and shouldn't eat on dialysis and bought me some healthy snacks. I have been wanting to get fit for ages, always promising myself this was the day, that i'd begin next week but the incentive just wasn't there and ever since I had this illness crawl up on me like a thief trying to steal my life I will admit I lost a lot of my stamina and desire to do much of anything. As of today I have recaptured some of that desire and the first thing that gave it to me was the energy I recouped after I worked out. I feel like a new me!! I am exited and ready to go. The other overwhelming reason for wanting to do this right, aside of course from wanting to be here for my kids and having a long life with Ed is the all important fact that I can lower my dialysis days from three to two times per week. For any dialysis patient out there this is BIG. Anyone on dialysis will tell you how this disease not only strips your energy and will but that it completely transforms your life, leaving you little time or energy for anything else. Even spending time with your loved ones becomes an insurmountable chore. Going out, eating out, vacations, it all revolves around dialysis. There is nothing you can't do without first taking into account weather and how it will affect your body or dialysis schedule. This possibility is an amazing motivator for me. I can't fully express how exiting this is for me. To get part of my life back would be amazing. So I have begun today. My quest is to eventually be dialysis free but my first step is to minimize it with diet and exercise as much as I can that I may have an assemblage somewhat of a normal life again. One step at a time it will all fall into place. This is my one step. I will keep going until I can run.

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