Quote Me....

" Life is a journey not a destination"

Thursday, May 27, 2010


I am the feminist

complete with iron bra and cannon

aimed at the weakness of lost women

I am trying to find



proud to be feminine

these curves don’t lie

I express it

with every step

words of love I use

to uplift my women

equal? yes


the right to be you

ok with whatever that version that is

to you

define it!

standing on my own two feet

allowing him to hold my hand

while I stand

against the storm

the weapon in my hand to preserve him

educate the masses

populate the wordless

sew your wings on

even with my own bleeding hands

that you may fly higher than I

feminist movements

were never about me

back then

we got the vote

when do we make the change?

handing us peanuts

like you do the Aids patients

cause the money ain’t in the cure

it’s in the medicine

and we take a sip

with every trick


yea, we’re getting somewhere

as we sew them suits for a dollar an hour

where is the power

when we as women turn out the lights

when we see our women rising higher

its not about burning bras

its about building ladders

put the first step down, daughter

what you build will take us farther

than where you may stand


in the government line

for cheese with no wine


and I wont hold you down but help you rise




you never fall

when you strive…