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Saturday, October 8, 2011

BBM: A Dick...At your Own Risk!!


            I must say I have been a Blackberry owner for many years and I love every phone I have had be it Blackberry or IPhone. This is not a BB vs. IPhone debate, for me they all have their own attributes. That beig said...

Let us have a chat about one of the best features ever created on Blackberry....

BBM!! The incomperable messenger loved by millions and I am one of those millions. 

I believe it's a wonderful way to make friends and keep in touch with your people. Now!... Sadly not many use it for it's intent. I am no prude by any chance and I love making friends but sadly I have come to realize, very few have any knowledge on BBM what friendship is supposed to be about or how a friendship begins. So many of the people on BBM are a bunch of sexually deprived perverts it makes me want to gag. There is hardly a conversation before the clown on the other end is sending you a pic of his deflated dick. Or confronting you with the dreaded ASL.

So here is my answer to that:

1. You can certainly tell I'm not a kid by my picture.
2. you can tell I'm female by my picture, unless you're blind.
3. I don't know yo ass so I'm not telling you where I live.

Does that clear it up any?

I am clearly exhausted of the sad ass low ballin men trying to get at my panties before they even look at my face, not respecting my relationship status and especially not respecting the fact that I already told you in my tagline not to come at me sideways.


Do any of you really think that I am looking for a decrepid,sad ass, direspectful, dick whipping fool to spend my life with? Really?? Come on now.
My advice to all of you is this, If you have any inkling of any idea on how to treat a woman THAT'S NOT IT. Not a respectable one anyhow.

Get a grip and preferably not on your dick. Learn to speak to a womans mind and leave the dick for when she calls for it. Grow up, you are not 13 and I'm certain your hormones can be controlled. If they can't, know that I am not the one.

The warning has been issued!


  1. As a man even I agree. My bbm is no chatline. I use it for business & leisure communication with a select few. I also do not accept phantom invites from strangers. Even sometimes from fine women. Yall are crazy & perverted to. I am the anti-thirst.

  2. I hear you. I know there are plenty of shady women out there as well. I agree.

  3. i love my BB, Mostly because it was given to me by someone special.