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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why things don't change...

Our refusal to let things grow and develop keep us stunted where we are. What people don't understand is the very thing you are trying to prevent is the one that chases you relentlessly looking to transform you and the circumstance you are afraid of. How about we let things be, mature and adjust around us. The gifts you do not see can be astounding once you let them unfold. I believe while you worry and stress you prevent yourself from seeing the small steps your gaining toward your own benefit. I myself have been the victim of this self imposed stunted underdevelopment. Many times I have simply wanted what I wanted without regard to what was best for all, however once I allowed myself to think different I opened the door to a new way of seeing. I have become more aware of what and who is around me and what, if anything, it deserves from me. My life had to take many turns in order for me to become much more aware about life and now that I am I will stay the course. Things are not always what they seem. After all the darkest stones under the greatest pressure become the most precious of stones, if you know how to wait that is.

- BlooWriter

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