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Thursday, March 11, 2010

A hint of Peace...

Today is the first day after a week of work that I get to go home at a reasonable time. Don't get me wrong I love my job not everyone gets to have fun with kids for a living and I do so I am blessed in that regard. Still thirteen hours of any job for three days straight is enough to put anyone under the rug. So here I am looking forward to going home by five so I may have perhaps a little time with my own princess who waits for me endlessly everyday, respecting the work I do for she knows it's her bread and butter as well. And perhaps even a little dare I say it!? Me time! A movie? Maybe a lil conversation with an interesting adult for a change?
I must say I love being a nanny for my 9 to 5, when it is nine to five and even when it isn't. Hell I'm working and I get to have a blast doing it! Plus it gives me so much material for my writing it's ludacris. Children say and do the most bugged out things and they love me cause I'm just as buggy. Not everyone can do what I do and I do it with flair!
But just for today a lil rest is in order.

- BlooWriter

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