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Friday, November 20, 2009

She said Her name was Elizabeth...a story written for me..

This Story was written for me by my best friend. A story we wrote together, this is his part, mine is next...enjoy!! I did.

“She said her name was Elizabeth” By: S.B.


                       Should I wear this? I don’t want to be overly casual but I don’t want to be over dressed. I guess I was nervous, I have not been out in months and I have not been with a woman in about the same amount of time. Lisa migrated to America. I was not part of her plans. “Fuck her” I said, but that was months ago and the sore pain in my cock reminded me. As I changed my shirt for the third time I think “I wont know anyone at this fucking party” maybe I should just stay home and watch some late night HBO show and jack off like last Friday, “I got my cum to shoot all the way to my neck that time” but I promised Nigel I would pick him up on my way. “Damn”.

                        I pull up to Nigel’s gate and blow the horn. He pops his head through a window “Give me a few minutes” he says. I lean back into the seat “This fucker is always late” five minutes pass, the pressures of the past few months force me to instinctively reach for my cock. I cup my balls and juggle them, my hands made cold by the air conditioning, making my cock swell fast “I am getting to good at this shit” I think to myself. I see Nigel finally coming out and I hurriedly get my cock back in my pants. “Its about fucking time man I almost left your ass.” “Be cool man, he said Crystals party will be worth the wait, she has family coming in from the Dominican Republic, you might get lucky.

                      As much as I would love to cum in a pussy for a change I have been waiting for more, not just anyone, someone special, if I could ever be so lucky. We get there and I think ok, let’s do this and get the fuck out. Nigel enters first, well pushes pass me, at least someone’s excited about this fucking party. As I enter my fears are realized, it’s the typical social party, thirty odd people, scattered with their wine glasses in hand and some boring ass fucking crappy music playing. Maybe no one saw me and I could turn and leave. Then some fucker calls me with an exaggerated accent “Shawn! Shawn! Over here”. It was Nigel’s metro sexual friend Dwayne, extremely full of himself. “Pussy ass” I smile falsely and walk casually towards them. That’s when I saw her.

               BEAUTIFUL…she just stood there, eyes bright, a smile that makes YOU smile, smooth silky skin (red woman), and cropped hair. My God! Who is she? She was talking to some oversized monster of a guy and she was this tiny little beauty. She wore this sleeveless thing, dress maybe…light blue pattern with a matching necklace. I could feel my heart rate change; it’s like in the movies where the guy gets stupid at the sight of the leading lady.I must have been moving in slow motion, I made it across to Cock sucking Dwayne, I can’t remember a fucking word he said but he was laughing and gesturing who the fuck cares. I was focused on one thing. The Red Woman across the room. By now she must have caught me looking at her maybe six times but each time she had this warm smile…and each smile made me feel like I was 9 years old again, eating ice cream with my friends…”ok ok well something like that”. I could not possibly just walk up to her and start talking, what if the hulk next to her was her boy friend or something he’d kick my ass for sure…Think you idiot!

                 One thing I noticed, she seemed bored, he was talking and she just nodded and what not, that’s not right, well for him anyway. He must be one of those boring dudes. I decided to do it, just walk up and do something. As I made my way across I was in panic, did you ever hear your own heart beat? hahahaha well I could hear mine, I was talking to myself in my mind still trying to figure out what to say, I walked right up to her and in an excited and, well to me gayish voice I said.“Heyyyyyy how are you…it’s been what 12 years????. You look the same”. I was smiling like a silly ass salesman. And she had this confused look, BUT she was smiling too, I think she understood what I was trying to do. The duffus next to her pulled in closer. “You don’t remember me do you? It’s Shawn! Shawn Brewster. I could have shot someone with excitement when she said “OHHH SHAWN…hhahah how are you, sorry for not recognizing you” “wow”. I did a small eye thing so she could give me the heads up on big foot, she picked up fast….”This is my friend Buzz Killington, he was sweet enough to accompany me tonight.

                  I was doing every silly dance known to man in my head, he was not a boyfriend just a date, and a suckish one at that. I embraced her “The…I have not seen you in ages hug”. But with that hug I felt her soul; I could actually feel, like.. some kind of thing, like a power, an electric charge I don’t know and her smell, if Incredibly Beautiful had a smell she’d be that smell. She must have felt it too, because she did not let go of my hand. She simply asked Killington to be excused and lead me to the garden to the back.It was quiet there, we sat on a concrete bench out on the lawn facing the crowed inside, she was still holding my hand. She was smiling broadly; I asked “what are u smiling at”. She said “What we just did silly, don’t you find it funny?” But I was just to excited to even think. We sat there talking for at least an hour as though we really were old friends, like we knew each other even in another life. And through it all she never let go of my hand, it felt right, perfect.

              We stopped looking at each other long enough to notice the crowd getting very small, ohh and Killington standing alone looking pissed. “I’d like for us to meet again sometime”. She said she’d like that a lot. After a few awkward smiles I leaned in a kissed her, her lips were so soft… like ……idn soft served ice cream and she smelt sooooo good. I didn’t want her to leave. We stood up stared at each other again, like teenaged lovers and said goodbye. As she walked away I remembered something.

I ran up to her “hey what’s your name”.
She smiled and said.
“My name is Elizabeth"....

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  1. Wow, I can't wait for the second part. Don't keep us waiting please.