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Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Performance....By: BlooWriter

I'm gonna do this!! I HAVE TO DO THIS!

The day began.
I began. Nervous. The day I would perform.
I had my words ready. My stomach i will not speak for.

There would be quite a few other performers that night and I was certain they would all be much better than me. More talented, inspired and definitely less worried.

But I had to do this, dispite the gitters in my gut, the indicision, the honest belief that I would choke. And so I cluttered my mind and hands with things to do and decided the day would play out as it would.

I helped with the venue, greetings, laughing with the fabulous women who were there as well to share their words, their life experiences.

It gave me Strength, hope and the will to make it fly.
As the ladies gathered and began expressing their fears I realized I was among sisters in my very same shoes.
nervous ones
fearful ones...
and I knew i was among family.

As I took the stage encourgement sprang from every corner of the room and I knew then


And i did.


  1. Isn't that the scariest thing? I used to sing in a band and battled stage fright every time i got out on the stage!

    I would close my eyes sometimes just to get me started.

  2. Absolutely but once youre done its a total rush..:)