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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Revival....By: BlooWriter

My death began last night

When you left me

Ripped apart

You must not

See blood

For there to be wounds

They shed the same

Poison and fear

death by words

Kills slow

I’d rather you twist the knife

See me gasp

Give up half the soul I carry

so you may carry me completely

If you survive

Something of the other

Does too

And you can finally embrace me

Without fear

The love never left

As you said it

Repeated it


And you pummeled me with sweet affection

As you tore at my soul

Once more

Before the waves came

when the ocean envied

The salt

I shed

Yet there are not enough tears

To mourn this death

And you return

To revive my soul

You pick up each piece

With such tenderness and ease

As I watch you

put me back together

As if you never took me apart

And I let you

For I have begged for it

In a thousand dreams

This revival

Of you



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