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Thursday, November 26, 2009

She said her name was Elizabeth....her side...

          What am I doing here? I thought as I stood talking to Buzz who had invited me here to this boring ass party. Oh I remember now I’m here because Crystal is my family and some of our people were here from DR plus I just needed to get out of the house for at least a little bit. It had been ages since I have been on a date much less a party and she swore up and down there would be some interesting men here. However this party was not proving to be very exiting and my date Buzz even less. I woke restless this morning, a little stressed. It has been a while since I have made love or had a man close worthy of loving. I wanted to masturbate when I woke from my nap to cut off the edge but the fucking batteries were dead plus what I ache for is not battery operated. I need skin, arms, legs, kisses. That sweet penetration after desperate love that builds like a vivid flame. That, this evening was not to be so a shower it was, plus Buzz would be here soon to pick me up in about an hour or so. I better get to it. Getting up nude as I always slept I turned on the shower thinking of what I would really like to be doing right now instead of this. I took the scrubber added some scented wash. Washing my breasts smoothly my skin reacted, god it had been a while, “snap out of it”! it’s not like you gona get any tonight and I’ll be damned if Buzz gets ass from me.
               I had laid out a lovely outfit for the party for my motto is if you weren’t getting any at least you should look pretty. Light blue compliments my skin so that was the color for this night. Dressing carefully, the dress was close to the skin, soft, jewelry to match. It was warm tonight, I love this island it always looked so beautiful and the breeze was perfect, a night for real love. There was something in the air. A lovely scent permeates everything here.The door bell stung me out of my day dreams but I was ready to go anyhow. I opened the door with bag in hand I didn’t want Buzz getting any ideas about coming in to my sacred place. He looked at me with hunger in his eyes, a little repulsive really. “ready?” I said. I closed the door behind me and here I am now bored to death with Buzz talking about nonsense is his basic monotone making me want to gag. I smiled to stop the scream which wanted to make me run from this fool.

                 The room was large and lovely and I stood by the corner so I had a full view of the space.The lights were perfect and the ambiance was right however I was about to make my way to Crystal to say I was leaving when I felt it, a warmth rushing thru me as the first kiss from the sun in the early morning, just before the day gets to hot to bear. My skin reacted immediately coming to life though I had no idea why. I looked directly in front of me across the room to find the most intense pair of molases colored eyes I had ever seen boring thru me. Eyes that instantly made you weak, gave u palpitations and made your heart smile. The smile on my face must have been noticed for Buzz got immediately shifty as the man with the eyes was coming toward me with a smile on his face as bright as the sun. I had no idea who this man was, his name, nothing but he beckoned me with such intensity all I wanted to do was to go with him and get to know him, my body and soul said they already did.

               He came close and smiling broadly asked if I didn’t remember him. His eyes said go with this, play this game with me, and I did laughing at his warmth and sweetness more than anything. His name was Shawn Brewster he said hmm Shawn…I could imagine whispering his name at night, looking into those eyes for hours. “Oh yes! Shawn, how have you been it’s been a while! How’s it going?” He hugged me close and as his arms wrapped around me his warmth enveloped me and shut down the world. He felt perfect in my arms molding into my curves, so sweet. The perfect fit...is this what IT feels like? I didn’t notice I had his hand as I excused myself from Buzz and walked with Shawn to the garden. All I knew was that I needed to talk to him to listen to that sweet sexy accent and look into those bright eyes which seemed to hold my soul within them. He spoke quietly but we laughed and laughed. His smile was sweet, enticing and he took every chance as we conversed to touch my face lightly taking care to linger on my eyes with every touch and word. I had never been more giddy or more overjoyed to be at a family party ever. If a man could be beautiful, he was.

                 He noticed first, the crowd getting thin, Buzz standing alone. It was time, we had to leave. “I’d like for us to meet again sometime, I’d like that a lot” I said. He smiled at me with his eyes as mine traveled his face, his lips. I needed to imprint him in my mind for I would be making love to him in my dreams tonight. And then he leaned in touching his lips to mine so softly you would think it were a whisper, this is what heaven is jealous of, this kiss, this moment, now. Time stoped.

             We stared at each other for a few more minutes, we knew, somehow we knew this was it. Explinations were moot. The heart is all we knew.

“well Shawn, I have to go…regetfully” “ok, he said”with the same regret in his voice and as I turned to walk away he rushed toward me and asked
“hey, what’s your name?” I smiled in reaction to his sweet innocent look, those eyes, damn. I responded, “ My name is Elizabeth.”

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