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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Love cornered me today. Against my full clogged heart it pressed asking me. Is this no longer my home, am I not supposed to be in there?
I had no answer for the space was taken by stones
You can see the jagged scratches within
Thru the pin pricks of light
The infected wounds
Stench of dieing meat

Love confronted me today
It's pristine red hands full of my hearts blood
It spoke of disillusions as if it knew
My pain
Lived in my ragged skin
Giving me reasons to love again
You have become a shadow of me

It repetitiously said
Did u not say you were blessed
For the love that you had
The old love has injured you
Your pained
And lavished
You felt it's caresses in dreams
But never reality
And the heart is to blame?

Why do u hound me
Bind me to you
Your softness offends the pain
Chase me in circles
Bring me back to hell again
Where your beauty against the horror can almost convince me
Once again
That your bright smile is not fangs
In disguise

Tell the truth love
You despise me.

- BlooWriter

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