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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Should we have all had resolutions this year? Do you honestly in your heart of hearts believe they make a difference in your life or is it what's behind the resolution, the actual resolve to make it happen. As I sit here by my window I see three men arguing almost ready to fight about some nonsense and I wonder it that's anywhere how they intended to begin their new year. Was there a resolution to be more reasonable? Did it quickly devolve with the anger and animosity they seem to be under now? Seems to me that's the way all resolutions fade. When we are faced with the obstacle we intend to overcome head on our resolve wavers. The promises become shaky. All the up and down swearing we did as the new year approached went from set and certain to deluded and confused. Perhaps it's best to leave the resolutions aside and just resolve to accept your human frailty. The fact that you will continue to make mistakes and the simple wish that at the time you are to make a decision, you choose wisely. Perhaps the resolution should be to simply be a better version of you and accept that as a person all we can resolve is our own inadequacies. Happy New Year!

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