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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


hi, how are you

good i good lover how are you

dreaming of you she said

can you come over today

you know i cant lover.. i must go home today

one hour.. i need you, just one hour why cant you give me that tonight

i give you all you want of me he says but just not tonight

when i want you most .. she says

you know how i get when i need you


one hour lover..come to me wont you?

you say one hour but you know it is

never so with us

we can talk she whispers

talk.. he says

is never enough with us

id want to make love

and making love to you

is never an hour long thing

the feel of you sends me crazy

you know this

will you come to me then...


i will come, if you tell me why I can't deny you

because there is fire here and you are my water.. she says

one hour

opening the door he stands there his eyes hell fire

shirt already half open just from the ride in the car

he knew he had to be somewhat ready for her even as he got in the car

he knew how they did when they got together

everything flew off before their eyes even adjusted to each others bodies

she will rip my shit if im not careful

my little lioness

almost as hard as i rip her pussy apart when I'm tasting her

how can this shit be so fucking strong..he thinks standing there

the night is misty thunder rumbles

just like they will make the bed rumble if they even get there

the last time the living room furniture took the beating

the rain

its coming and it will fall hard

today was a crazy night to come see her

she knew when to draw him here

knew he could never say no

open the door for me baby he said under his breath

an hour baby

my red woman

needs me

wants me

the fever is taking me already

but she will make me last

an hour will never do

opening the door i heard you lover

you came

you will cum twice at least before you leave

standing by the door strong




love lust filled eyes

he wants me

wet for him


she wore the perfect outfit to feed his eyes

negligee lack of fabric

just above her ass cheeks the way he likes its

almost time to walk away

that he can see her hips sway

he could never take it

seeing her ass flow before his eyes like entrancing

passion took over him

hard before he crossed the thresh hold

glancing back as she walks away

catching his rapid breath

she almost gets away

his hand circling her waist

where you going eh

yes he's hard as stone tongue

licking her neck

when her moan escapes


her hand


his... ahhh manhood


promise of a good

long hour of passion and pain


he groans

cupping her to him

you fit me reds

i wan you full of me

no panties between his traveling fingers

as she clears the fabric that holds him

thick hotheaded kisses

suck him in

take me to bed


show me your love

i love you..

no.. show me

and he lifts her thighs to surround him

sucking the surface of her heated skin

open the door of my bedroom

lay me on you like warm sheets

he opens her

finger on discovery mode

blind to time and space

pull u to me

taste me


you do

and i feel your tongue run circles around my now numb mind

and throbbing clit

sounds like a hungry beast

moans.. he plays my body like a flute

melodies leave my soul

before he enters me

open me

as he lifts

the hips that bind me and enters me

screams ripped from me

he says my name



over again

with each heated thrust

ohhh how he loves me....

the sweetness of his hips on grind mode

lips encircled around brown raised nipples

no release is worth stopping this...

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